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Billy Goat Overseeder - OS550 Push

Manufacturer: Billy Goat
Model: OS552
Price: $1,699.99 
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Billy Goat Overseeder - OS550 Push
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The OS552 conserves seed with Billy Goat's exclusive Auto Drop feature by automatically starting or stopping seed drop with bale engagement. The heavy-duty bale controls both seed release and blade engagement. Select the correct drop rate without all the guesswork. The 25-lb capacity front mounted poly seed box won't rust or dent. On board instructions are conveniently mounted under the lid to help set seed drop rates. Premier wheels, bale, frame and bearings offer long life and durability.

With optional flail or spring tine reels, the OS552 easily converts to a power rake, making this an extremely versatile machine and an excellent investment. Use the OS for power raking in the spring and overseeding in the fall.

OS500 No Thread, No Bolt Foldable Handles - Great for storage, transport and long life. OS500 Infinite Heavy-Duty Depth Adjustment - Save on blade wear when compared to preset adjustments that may promote premature flail wear.
Premium Steel Pulleys, Easy to Adjust Idler & Easy to Change Belt - Contribute to simple service and long life. Protected by a steel guard. Auto Drop System - Automatically starts and stops seed drop with reel engagement and disengagement, conserving valuable seed.
25-lb Front Mounted Poly Seed Box - With on-board customer instructions to help set drop rates for various seed. The box and agitator bar won't rust or dent standard on the overseeder. Heavy-Duty Wheels - Steel rim and roller bearings stand up to the most demanding customers and applications
0S500 Series Warranty - 3-year engine, 1-year machine

 Engine Displacement205 cc
 Depth AdjustmentInfinite
 Depth 0.125" up to 0.5" for blade wear
 Reel20" Slicing
 Productivity13,200 sq ft/hr
 Weight177 lbs
 Length54 inch
 Width26.5 inch
 Warranty1 year

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Q1: When is the best time to overseed? by Speedway
  First, mow your lawn at the lowest setting on your mower. For best results, power rake to remove thatch from the lawn. If you plan on fertilizing your lawn, do so with a broadcast or drop spreader prior to overseeding. It is important not to water prior to seeding.
Q2: Im confused, should I power rake or aerate? by Speedway
  Always overseed in two passes at the application rate for your selected seed at right angles or in a crisscross pattern. (Drop rate settings are under the seed box lid. A Scotts cross-reference is provided for your benefit.) Water heavily immediately, then lightly for 10 14 days, keeping soil moist. After germination, water less often to promote root growth.
Q3: How can I get the best results from overseeding? by Speedway
  It is best to overseed in the autumn when weed seed has difficulty germinating. Warm days and cool nights with frequent watering will produce the best results. Generally speaking, you want to overseed when no less than three weeks to the date of first freeze occurs.
Q4: What is thatch? by Speedway
  Thatch is a layer of semi-decomposed grass and other organic material that accumulates above the soil faster than it can be absorbed. Thatch build-up is a normal occurrence and is not necessarily harmful to the lawn until it gets too thick. Poor mulching mower performance can be a big contributor to thatch build-up.
Q5: Why should I worry about thatch? by Speedway
  Thatch forms a barrier between soil and the water, nutrients, and air required for a healthy lawn. It may also serve as a perfect breeding ground for damaging lawn diseases.
Q6: How can I tell if I need to power rake? by Speedway
  If thatch is more than thick, you should consider power raking. Take a core sample of grass and soil from your lawn. Measure the organic material sitting on the surface of the soil. It should not exceed . Check several areas of your lawn, as build-up can be irregular.
Q7: How do I get the best results from the power rake? by Speedway
  Soil should be moist, but not too wet. If the soil is too wet the grass could pull away. Best results are achieved when working in two directions. Adjust the depth of the flails under the machine so that they make contact with and remove thatch. The flails should not make contact with the soil. Rake up thatch immediately or use the Billy Goat KV or MV vacuum to make quick work of cleanup.
Q8: What type of lawn preparation is necessary prior to overseeding? by Speedway
  First, mow your lawn at the lowest setting on your mower. For best results, power rake to remove thatch from the lawn. If you plan on fertilizing your lawn, do so with a broadcast or drop spreader prior to overseeding. It is important not to water prior to seeding.
Q9: When should I power rake? by Speedway
  For cool season grasses, power raking is recommended in early fall or spring. Warm season grasses are better power raked in late spring to early summer. Because power raking does damage some healthy grass, it is important to power rake with enough growing season left for your lawn to recover. At least 30 days of growing season should be available following power raking for successful results.

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