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  • No Deductible
  • Transferable Coverage
  • Fully insured
  • Transportation Benefit
  • Replacement Machine Benefit
  • Nationwide Service
  • Finance with machine
  • Great Value

FAIL-SAFE® provides protection 1, 2, 3 or 4 years beyond the manufacturer warranty

Don't confuse FAIL-SAFE® with what happens with a mfg. warranty repair .....
FAIL-SAFE® maintains profitability for your "protection plan" repairs by paying full retail on both Parts and Labor, with no flat rates.

Consider these proven features:

No Deductible Never a Deductible on Residential Machines; Maximum coverage
Transferable Equipment Protection Plans are fully transferable should you decide to sell or trade the machine while EPP is still in force. This can increase your resale value.
Economical Good value, at a reasonable cost - which will be way less then the cost of any major repair.
Coverage Is Insured For customer and dealer protection, coverages are insured and reinsured by an A.M. Best rated company.
Transportation Benefit Pays up to a minimum of $50 for the transportation of a covered machine, in the event of a covered breakdown ..... even during the manufacturer warranty (See Contract for Details)
Replacement Machine Benefit In the event of a covered breakdown, FAIL-SAFE will pay up to $200, depending on the number of labor hours needed for the repair ..... even during the manufacturer warranty. (see contract for details)
Nationwide Service FAIL-SAFE dealers are found throughout the U.S. and in Canada
Finance with Machine EPP can be included in most financing plans
Mechanical Breakdown Coverage This unique coverage is not provided by Homeowners, Farm & Ranch, or Business Insurance Policies
Good Value Locks in the cost of potential future repairs at today's prices! The cost of just one breakdown could far exceed the cost of a FAIL-SAFE Plan.

Frequently Asked Questions:

When Does Coverage Begin and End?
FAIL-SAFE® coverage always begins at expiration of the mfg. warranty, or when indicated on dealer's Application for Protection.  Coverage ends when selected term or hours expire, or when claims have reached the Loss Limit for the particular machine.

Is There a Deductible on Claims?
Residential coverages have no deductible.

Are There Limits to Plan Coverages?
Residential coverages are 100%, based on the machine Retail Selling Price reported on the Application for Protection.

Do I Have to Pay For Any Portion of a Covered Repair?
Sometimes, for example the cost of any non-covered Parts and Labor - cleaning, hauling, mileage, sales tax, environmental changes, etc.  Generally minor costs other than the Parts & Labor. 

What's the "Criteria" for a Mechanical Failure Being Covered?
Coverage is provided for: "the sudden failure of a component, part or assembly, as supplied by the manufacturer." (1) A breakdown must result from the failure of a covered part or component; (2) The breakdown must occur in normal use of the machine and be sudden; (3) The cause of the failure or the failed part must not appear in the Contract Exclusions; and (4) If requested, there must be evidence of proper maintenance.

What if My Dealership Goes Out of Business?
FAIL-SAFE® coverage stays with the machine and remains intact until the coverage expires. You may contact another authorized, servicing dealer at such point.

Is Coverage Transferable?
Yes. It may be transferred anytime (1) a completed Application for Transfer, (2) the original Contract, (3) proof of maintenance, (4) a copy of the bill of sale and, (5) the $30 transfer fee are received by FAIL-SAFE®. In the event of a sale or trade of a covered machine, failure to make a proper transfer will void the Contract coverage until after such time a proper transfer has been made.

How Stable is FAIL-SAFE®?
FAIL-SAFE® has been providing insured Protection Plans for equipment & machinery since 1987. FAIL-SAFE® provides coverages for nearly every brand and size of equipment available to dealers. Additionally, FAIL-SAFE® provides exceptional claims service to our dealers and their service departments. Providing Extended Protection Plans on equipment and handling claims is FAIL-SAFE®‘s exclusive and only business.


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